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Lunar Eclipses

A schedule of lunar eclipses visible from Lexington through 2026 is found here. Eclipse predictions made by Guide 9

Lunar and solar eclipses occur at irregular, but predictable, intervals. Events are printed in green when the Moon is high enough above the horizon to be easily visible. Yellow text indicates the Moon is near the horizon. Events in red are not visible from central Kentucky. 

The Moon will not completely disappear while in the Earth’s shadow. Light scattered concurrently from all of the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets will dimly illuminate the Full Moon.  The degree of dimming and the intensity of the reddish coloring is not generally predictable. It will depend on the amount of dust and aerosols in our atmosphere at the time. Binoculars will reveal faint details on the Moon during totality. 

Even point-and-shoot cameras are capable of photographing a lunar eclipse. Use a tripod or a pillow so that you don’t have to hand-hold it. It may help to program the settings to underexpose the field. We will be happy to post your submissions here.