Kentucky SkyTalk

The Kentucky SkyTalk will be held on May 12,  8:00 PM in Chem-Phys Room 155. Chem-Phys is the building on the other side of Rose Street. At the time of this writing, (4/28), the University requires masks while in the classroom.

Please refer to this page before leaving home for any updates due to COVID. The SkyTalk will be also available via Zoom, the link is below.

The SkyTalk will be also available via Zoom:

After 7:00 PM, you may park adjacent to the observatory in parking structure #2. The university requires guests to wear masks while indoors.

After parking, please come down the north elevator or stairs and walk between the construction zones to the Chemistry-Physics building. After entering the building, on your immediate right is a short stair case. The last two doors lead to room 155. If you cannot negotiate stairs, there is another entrance to the classroom at the north Rose ST entrance.